Could Punishing Wall Street Work Schedules Soon Become a Thing of the Past?

While bankers may have once worn their impossibly long hours as a badge of honor, larger cultural forces are threatening to upend that tradition. Nowhere is that more clear than in the recent case of Justin Kwan, an investment banker recently fired by Barclay’s. Kwan sent an e-mail to a group of summer interns at Barclay’s, warning them of the brutal schedule and frat-style […]

What’s Life Really Like on Wall Street?

Masters of the universe. One percenters. Titans of industry. There’s no shortage of hyperbolic descriptions for Wall Street’s elite. Yet is that what life’s truly like for most bankers and traders? Is it all 80-hour weeks and bottle service on the weekend? Or have times changed? Let’s take a look at what it’s really like […]

Avoid These Career Crippling Job Interview Mistakes

Here’s the scenario: You’re preparing to interview for the job of your dreams. An hour or two later, you’re feeling confident. You’ve weathered the pressure and have nearly survived the crucible. Then it happens — you’re asked a question for which you’re entirely unprepared. You pause, then fumble for words. Your thoughts aren’t cohering. Your […]

Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Wall Street Career – and Here’s Why…

The field is hypercompetitive. The hours are brutal. Stability and security are a pipe dream. Doesn’t exactly sound like the perfect job, does it? Yet while the downsides of a career on Wall Street are obvious to even the most starry-eyed dreamer, the potential payoff is like none other. Sure, the first few years may […]

The Secrets to Dominating Your Investment Banking Internship

Investment Banking Internship

If you are about to embark on an Investment Banking internship, what I am about to share with you may mean the difference between receiving a full-time offer and going home empty-handed. The start of your internship is an exciting, exhilarating, and prideful time, and you should be proud because you worked hard to get […]

The Truth about Investment Banking Salaries

Investment Banking Salaries

For people on the outside looking in, obtaining an Investment Banking job represents the equivalent of winning the earnings lottery. Six-figure bonuses, a strong starting salary, generous signing bonuses, comprehensive benefits, and fast-track promotions are par for the course. Candidates believe that once they get that Investment Banking job and become a member of the […]

Inside the Life of an Investment Banking VP

Inside the life of an Investment Banking VP

We take a look inside the life of an Investment Banking VP. Kristin is a former banker at a bulge bracket Wall Street firm who I interviewed for our client newsletter this month. I asked her about the secret to her success in the job search process coming out of a top-5 business school and […]