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Feel confident with a highly competitive resume, cover letter, and personal brand that will differentiate you from the competition
Gain access to genuine job opportunities with warm introductions and referrals to our trusted contacts in the industry
Secure a position that can lead to a rewarding career
We specialize in helping candidates from “non-target” schools and diverse backgrounds get noticed by graduate recruiters
Personal Branding

We will help you write a professional resume that will catch the attention of graduate recruiters. We design them to “pass the eye test” and ensure that your resume is on par with or better than those of the top candidates in the market, increasing your chances of getting noticed.

Networking & Introductions

We will facilitate warm introductions to our contacts for you inside the large corporations and private boutiques. We identify potential decision makers, hiring managers, and influencers and approach them individually to discuss your fit for possible openings on their teams.

Career Coaching

We will guide you through the recruiting process from the start of your professional job search to your acceptance of a job offer. You will have access to coaching 24/7 via email and text and via face-to-face video conference twice a month for updates and job search game planning.

What sets us apart

The fee to our most popular coaching package is linked to your individual success. After an initial engagement fee, we collect payment only when you win your first interview and when you accept an offer. This 3-tranche payment system reduces your financial risk and ensures our partnership.

Some Words About Us

Our clients tell us how hard it is to apply for jobs  and the challenge it is to get their applications noticed, let alone read by a hiring manager who can receive hundreds of applications. We are here to help you navigate the hiring process by giving you real-time feedback and putting your profile directly in front of decision-makers at the top-tier firms.

How Does it Work

The first step is to get to know us. We will then help you craft a resume and narrative that gives you the best chance to stand out. After your resume is ready, you will apply to roles while we work our networks, connecting you to our contacts with a warm introduction. Once you are invited to interview, we will prepare you with a mock interview and feedback session. From that point, our goal is to help you secure an offer.

Join our many clients who have landed with the following top-tier firms:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your record of success?

We have had a client land an offer within two weeks of signing up. We have served over 1,200 clients since 2009, and those who have been successful have generally taken six to nine months to complete the process. Results will vary depending on market forces and job availability.

How soon can you introduce me to your contacts?

We will determine your readiness to meet our contacts after we have spent time getting to know you and your credentials, and this process can take several weeks. We will also never compromise our credibility by placing you in front of someone in our network who does not have an interest in you.

Can you guarantee that I will get a job if I sign up?

If you sign up for our Platinum package we guarantee that you will only pay our full fee if you receive an offer. We will do everything in our power and within the scope of our engagement to help you achieve success in your job search.

Can we negotiate your fees?

No, we do not negotiate our fees. We have taken careful consideration to price our services fairly for the time we put into each of our clients individually. Our success-based approach further reduces your financial risk and ties our fates together. We want to be fully rewarded when you achieve your goal.




100% Risk-Free.
90 Day Money Back Guarantee



100% Risk-Free.
90 Day Money Back Guarantee



100% Risk-Free.
90 Day Money Back Guarantee


100% Risk-Free.
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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