Your help with my resume helped me land the job that I wanted with J.P. Morgan…Thank you!

Adam H., 3rd Year VP

I am getting an offer for the role in New York covering accounts that are greater than $500M. It finally worked out…and I should be starting by next week!

Danna S., 2nd Year Associate

With your help, I actually opened more doors. The email you help me edit worked really well. HR put me in touch with the team, and I am invited to Morgan Stanley. Thank you.

Aaron Z., 1st Year Analyst

I landed a job right after you completed my resume! I love it!

Kathyann S., 3rd Year Associate

I love the feature of the personal identified process. Other services like monsters or so are just quantity production but Francis is a nice and highly professional person.

Sally Z., 1st Year Analyst

After struggling for months to land an interview my dream job, I sought advice from friends in the industry. One friend recommended I reach out to was Francis from The Write Resume for guidance. After a brief review, Francis was able to identify the mistakes I was making that were keeping me from landing an interview. The Write Resume helped me arrange and present my resume to highlight my most appealing and pertinent skills to industry recruiters. Within a month of contacting The Write Resume, I was invited to a super-day and received a full-time offer with a leading industrial M&A firm. Utilizing The Write Resume’s services was one of the best decisions I have made. I certainly recommend leveraging their extensive industry expertise during the entire interview process. From a custom-tailored resume to preparation for advanced technical questions, The Write Resume will give you all the tools you need to impress interviewers and receive a coveted offer from a top firm.

Dustin H., 1st Year Investment Banking (M&A) Analyst

Just to keep you updated, I got the job. Thank you very much for the interview coaching, which definitely helped me build confidence. I really appreciate that you helped me edit my resume and Linkedin Page. Without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to get the job in such a short period of time. Again, thank you so much!

Cindy C., 1st Year Analyst

The resume that Francis created was elegant, easy to read, and presented my background in a compelling manner…I would recommend the service because Francis was responsive, attentive and provided a quality document.

Brandon H., 2nd Year Analyst

The documents you prepared enabled me to stand out from the crowd by precisely highlighting my strength and the value that I could bring to the table. I am so excited that I obtained the offer from my dream company. Without your help, I cannot imagine how much time I would need to create a comparable resume and cover letter. I would recommend your service to any professional who is serious about a career shift.

Thomas T., 1st Year VP

I must say I am thoroughly impressed. The resume looks absolutely fantastic. You accomplished in a week what I couldn’t do in months. Let’s start moving forward. I’m super excited right now. I have reviewed the cover letter and I am blown away. It articulates exactly who I am and what I am trying to accomplish. I’m not blowing smoke, I’m shocked how accurate you have described me. After just a few conversations you have perfectly summarized my professional life. I’m excited to get that letter on the desk of a hiring manager. I really think it’s going to open some doors for me that I couldn’t open without your help. Thank you, I am grateful.

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