The first step in obtaining your dream job with the Investment Bank of your choice is to market yourself strategically with the strongest resume and cover letter combination possible. You must earn the attention of notoriously fickle recruiters who sift through hundreds of similarly impressive applicants for a limited number of positions each year.

In order to maximize your odds of winning a coveted interview slot, it is imperative that you avoid the seven most common mistakes young candidates make when applying for an Investment Banking job.

We’ve put together this free valuable eBook so you can learn:

  • Which are the most important skills to promote on your resume
  • Which principles of finance and accounting are essential to understand
  • Which Investment Banking division you will be best suited to and why
  • The best way to format your resume so that you fit in and stand out
  • The one area of a resume that can help you get ahead of 95% of the competition

Adam H., 3rd-Year VP, Investment Banking

Your help with my resume helped me land the job that I wanted with J.P. Morgan…Thank you.

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