5 Strategies for Better Work-Life Balance

Calendar downtime, outsource your errands, get away from your home computer screen, and go for a run. One tip this author didn’t mention: use ALL of your vacation days. If you are on a team that discourages you from taking them you may want to re-evaluate where you are in life. Burnout is awful so […]

Dos and Donts After You Get a New Job

I posted a version of this list of do’s and don’ts when I started my last job in finance, and it helped me navigate the first few weeks in my new group and office. I highly recommend printing out and studying your new company’s organizational chart and slowly reaching out to everyone on there (especially […]

How Did Work Life Balance in the US get so Awful?

Interesting observations from The Atlantic pointing out that the increase in single working moms is putting tremendous stress on families, statistically speaking, and greater downtime for lower-income workers is a crisis. Moreover, if you are highly educated you are probably working the most and leisuring the least. The decline of American work-life balance is ultimately […]

Is Technology Making You Rude?

Hopefully not, but constant attachment to your smartphone at work isn’t a good idea, according to a study referenced in this article. It also won’t help you get promoted. Preferring to meet your boss face to face instead of over IM and putting your iPhone or Blackberry away in meetings are small steps toward a […]

How to Be a Creative Problem Solver

How to think creatively? According to this article, act like you are afflicted with Aspbergers and have unlimited money. Click Here to Read the Full Article