How to Turn Your Internship Into a Job

Landing a coveted internship at a major financial institution is no small feat. Elite firms such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs accept a relatively tiny fraction of the tens of thousands of internship applications they receive every year. And once you’re in the door, your odds of staying there are still only around 60 or 70-percent, according […]

Merry 2015!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from all of us at The Write Resume! We had a very exciting year – we quadrupled our global reach, launched a second company, and saw a number of clients land their dream jobs in Investment Banking. We are thrilled for all of the new initiatives we […]

10 Common Job-Search Mistakes Made by Recent College Graduates

“Selling yourself short” resonated with us as a common mistake we see from recent college grads and young professionals who tend to be overly modest about roles or internships that they have held in the past that they believe aren’t worth including in a resume. Any chance you have to have to showcase leadership, execution, […]