Avoid These Career Crippling Job Interview Mistakes

Here’s the scenario: You’re preparing to interview for the job of your dreams. An hour or two later, you’re feeling confident. You’ve weathered the pressure and have nearly survived the crucible. Then it happens — you’re asked a question for which you’re entirely unprepared. You pause, then fumble for words. Your thoughts aren’t cohering. Your […]

Job Interview Thank You Notes

Perhaps the easiest way to eliminate yourself from a job opportunity is neglecting to send a thank you note to your interviewer or really anyone you interact with from a prospective employer during the recruitment process. The simple courtesy of thanking someone for their time must not be ignored, especially when it should not take […]

5 Ways to Show You are a Leader in a Job Interview

Five quick tips on how to demonstrate to an interviewer that you are a leader or are capable of leading. Confidence is gained through interview preparation and practice, and keeping these ideas in mind may help you isolate areas in your presentation delivery that can get you over the hump. Click Here to Read the […]

These Terrible Interview Responses Will Kill Your Chances Of Getting A Job

It’s natural to feel the urge to answer interview questions with the first thing that comes to mind but that instinct might cost you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Maintain professionalism, sincerity, thoughtfulness, and tact at all times to maximize your odds of a job offer or final round interview. Employers are looking for […]

29 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions

What’s your biggest weakness? Are you here to take my job? You majored in English, so what skills do you have? How to answer these questions to ace a tough interview. Click Here for the Article