BlueStepsBlueSteps, the online search platform serving the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), has selected our founder and CEO, Francis de la Cruz, to be an Executive Guest Writer. Francis has been asked to provide insights related to executive leadership, work-life balance, and career management and strategy to inform 80,000 BlueSteps members in over 75 countries.

“I am honored and very grateful for the opportunity to help others advance their career by sharing the myriad experiences, challenges, and ups and downs I faced on Wall Street, working for some of the largest firms in the industry. BlueSteps is a tremendous platform for executives searching for the next great challenge of their career and offers outstanding connectivity to the top executive search firms worldwide crucial to helping their members be successful,” Francis said.


BlueSteps published Francis’ first article for their blog on July 11, which can be read here.


More Information about BlueSteps:

BlueSteps is the leading authority on Executive Search, featured regularly on the Wall Street Journal and top publications. According the their website, “BlueSteps is not a mass job board or social network. BlueSteps is a discreet career-long service that connects you to top executive search firms in more than 75 countries. Only the top executive recruiters at AESC member executive search firms will have access to your BlueSteps career profile and resume/CV. Your career information and BlueSteps membership is entirely confidential and will not be shared with friends, colleagues, or bosses.”


From the AESC website:


“The Association of Executive Search Consultants is the professional body representing retained executive search consulting firms around the world. Founded in New York in 1959, the AESC was established to help guide the development and standards of a professional service which was then still relatively new. An offshoot of management consulting, retained executive search has, over the past 50 years, played a major role in the identification and recruitment of senior executive talent for many different organizations in a wide variety of industries and countries. The success of executive search is such that the profession has grown to become a global industry with revenues in excess of $10 billion.”


Executive Search

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