The One Word That Can Catapult Your Career

Thinking of the best word to describe yourself in your resume or interview? Read this article for suggestions on adjectives you may not have considered using before. Just in time to help you answer the “What is your greatest strength” and “How would your colleagues in the office describe you”…


15 Business Etiquette Rules Every Professional Needs To Know

15 useful tips on business etiquette – right in time for recruiting dinners, networking events, and company-sponsored events. This article highlights key takeaways from author Barbara Pachter’s new book “The Essentials Of Business Etiquette.” Click Here to Read the Full Article


How to Work with a Recruiter

Insightful article straight from a recruiter talking about the best way to be contacted by, work with, and take advantage of a professional headhunter. The author emphasizes the importance of keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date with all of your skills (computer, foreign language, etc.) listed in detail so your profile…


9 Ways to Beat Negativity

Tired of all the trolling? Nine tips on eliminating negativity in your life, which are all helpful unless you are a depressive by nature. Regardless of your outlook on life, the author offers a few good suggestions that you can implement immediately with the one that resonated most with me:…


How 3 New Supreme Court Decisions Will Affect Your Business

Interesting article about three Supreme Court decisions handed down recently that will impact businesses going forward: 1) a limit on “vicarious liability”(good for employers) 2) tighter standards for retaliation arguments (good for employers) and 3) the rejection of the Defense of Marriage Act (good for employees). Basically, the Supreme Court…


5 Secrets to Learning New Skills Quickly

Five tips on how to develop new skills and talents. The author challenges the 10,000 hour rule and focuses on deconstructing skills to manageable “sub-skills” that you can master quickly and more easily over time. He may be slightly unrealistic though – how many of us out there can set…


How to Become Influential

Humility is the key to influencing others in addition to your belief in a particular product, cause, or idea. Key takeaway from this article for job seekers – a “candidate should never dismiss a receptionist as unimportant. The boss might consult this receptionist before making the hire. If so, the…


5 Job Search Tips to Always Keep In Mind

According this article from, competition for jobs is becoming exceedingly fierce and interviewers are increasingly looking for specific skills demonstrated in past experiences. Avoiding major blunders on your resume or interview only puts you at the same level as 99% of your peers and what will determine your suitability…


3 Things You Must Say at Every Job Interview

Providing concrete, fact-based, action-driven examples that clearly communicate how you will add tangible value to a prospective employer will increase your odds of receiving an offer. It will also help your resume get noticed faster as well if you just happened to write these same examples down. If you have…


Tips for Navigating a Mid-Life Career Change Successfully

A well-thought out article for mid-career professionals (15-20 years experience) contemplating a new path for themselves. Key takeaway is to set realistic goals and recognize that work does not necessarily equate to happiness. Self-awareness is critical to a painless transition to a new career in addition to a reliable network…