Investment Banking Resume

The 5 Ingredients to a Winning Investment Banking Resume

In order to impress Investment Banking recruiters, you need to present a consistently excellent brand on paper and in person. I discuss in detail the elements that you need to showcase on a resume to increase your chances of getting noticed by the Investment Bank of your choice. What you…

Investment Banking Internship

The Secrets to Dominating Your Investment Banking Internship

If you are about to embark on an Investment Banking internship, what I am about to share with you may mean the difference between receiving a full-time offer and going home empty-handed. The start of your internship is an exciting, exhilarating, and prideful time, and you should be proud because…

Investment Banking Salaries

The Truth about Investment Banking Salaries

For people on the outside looking in, obtaining an Investment Banking job represents the equivalent of winning the earnings lottery. Six-figure bonuses, a strong starting salary, generous signing bonuses, comprehensive benefits, and fast-track promotions are par for the course. Candidates believe that once they get that Investment Banking job and…

Inside the life of an Investment Banking VP

Inside the Life of an Investment Banking VP

We take a look inside the life of an Investment Banking VP. Kristin is a former banker at a bulge bracket Wall Street firm who I interviewed for our client newsletter this month. I asked her about the secret to her success in the job search process coming out of…

How Investment Banking Helps Your Career

How Investment Banking Helps Your Career

I chose to go into Investment Banking at the start of my junior year at Harvard.  Admittedly, what attracted me the most to becoming an Investment Banking Analyst was the compensation. How many jobs offered almost 30% more than the average salary of someone straight out of college and let…


What’s New at The Write Resume

We are very excited to introduce our updated and re-focused website, centered on helping job seekers land high-paying jobs in Investment Banking. We have been hard at work the last three months implementing our new strategy and look forward to providing the same great, personalized, and high-touch professional resume writing…


Holiday Party Horror Stories

Be safe and be smart this office holiday party season. Sharing an article below that you can think of as a warning of what not do during your company’s year-end celebration. Also our top 3 tips on how not to win the lampshade award the next day: 1. Drink conservatively….


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (week) to all! In the spirit of this holiday, I found an article for you that highlights how an attitude of gratitude can help set your mind right for new opportunities, especially in hard times. I’ve always believed that simplicity and humility is the key to a happy…


Name Game: George Bush, Jennifer Lopez or TaVeicia?

How do you deal with a name that’s hard to pronounce? Add an audio recording to your LinkedIn profile. How do you handle the fact that you share a name with a famous public figure? Start using your middle initial. What do you do if you’re female and your name…


Confessions from a Google Employee

Is working at Google as great as advertised? The author of this article interviewed an ex-Googler and found out a few things that might surprise you, most stemming from the sheer size of Google as a corporate giant. Office politics, poor middle management, and co-worker arrogance plague Google’s ranks just…